Veritas Society

What we do

Veritas Legal Society is a non-denominational ministry founded by Christian lawyers to help members of the legal profession put their religious faith into action in their lives.

The ministry has been created by Christian lawyers with the aim of forming a common platform that will give them a stronger, collective voice to preach and spread the Good News and also help the needy believers secure justice in their lives.

Veritas Legal Society is mandated to do the following:

Assist believers in the legal profession actively profess, practice and propagate their faith i.e put their faith into action

Help believers in the legal profession make difficult decisions and overcome difficult situations that threaten to conflict with their faith

Provide free legal advice, assistance and services to the needy believers and help them secure justice in their lives

Help people overcome ignorance of law by empowering them via seminars, conferences, symposiums, legal aid clinics and various other events

Help churches, Christian organizations and believers prevent and fight lawsuits

Defend religious freedom and sanctity of human life and help believers attain full moral and spiritual stature

Work closely with like-minded organizations, institutions and government bodies to spread legal awareness among believers, especially awareness of their rights

In addition, Veritas Legal Society also publishes monthly newsletter and hold weekly prayer meetings to help advance any or all of the above-mentioned causes